The Tressure Roll: an international roll of heraldic representations under Roman-Dutch and Common Law.

The Tressure Roll was established to offer international applicants a safe haven for the design & registration of their personal heraldic representations. Registered coats of arms (heraldic representations) bestow upon the applicant, under Roman-Dutch and Common Law the status of "armiger" or of being "armigerous" i.e. being legally entitled to bear arms.
The Tressure Roll aims to design & register coats of arms, flags, banners, emblems, medals and badges for applicants. Design proposals are inspected and studied for the following: 
  • heraldic correctness
  • historical accuracy
  • pleasing design
  • authenticated claims
  • permitted charges
In order to ensure that an applicant registers and recieves an immaculate and correct certificate of registration applicants are encouraged to supply authenticated historical evidence to support any claims to ancient/historical arms. Unsopported claims will not be approved, but will be thoroughly considered with suggestions and proposals in order to accommodate claims.
Prospective applicants are encouraged to complete the application form and get in touch.