This is to certify that the following Heraldic Representation have been Registered in the Tressure Roll:

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The Coat of arms of the Tressure Roll

The Tressure Roll  (TR1/3/C1- 04-03-2020)

ARMS: Azure, a tressure Or; a bordure Vert.
BATONS: behind the shield is placed two batons in saltire Vert, the ends Or, each ensigned of an armillary sphere Argent and Or.

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Marcel Christian van Rossum OMBB MStJ TR1/1/P1 (04-03-2020)

ARMS: Or, between three parrots Gules, placed two and one, a griffin rampant proper; on a bordure Sable, eight bezants in orlé. CREST: In front of a fleur-de-lis Vert, a fire-horse in full career Sable, collared Or, embellished with emeralds proper, with chain flexed to sinister Or. WREATH AND MANTLING: Sable and Or. MOTTO: QUOD IN VITA FACIMUS IN AETERNUM RESONAT

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Ronald Norman Schlemmer TR1/1/P2 (21-03-2020)

ARMS: Or, an eagle displayed Sable, beaked, langued and membered Gules, the talons Argent; on a chief dovetailed Azure, a horned Viking helmet, Argent. CREST: Two blue marlins embowed respectant, their swords in point, proper. WREATH AND MANTLING: Azure and Or. MOTTO: LOVE CONQUERS ALL

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Deon François Schönland Fourie SD SM* MMM JCD* KStJ TR1/1/P3 (23-03-2020)

ARMS: Azure, a chevron, in chief two fleurs-de-lis and, surmounting the chevron, a sword erect, Argent. CREST: A dolphin erect Azure, finned Argent. WREATH AND MANTLING: Azure and Argent. MOTTO: GARDEZ LA FOY

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The John Watt (1848-1934) Family Association TR1/2/A1 (25-03-2020)

ARMS: Or, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Azure, bearing in its paws a protea flower Gules, seeded Argent, slipped and leaved Vert; a chief Gules.

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The Bloxham-Simms Family Association TRA1/2/A2 (27-03-2020)

ARMS: Argent, a church-serpent proper, between two shuttles, palewise in fess Sable, threaded and a chief Vert.

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Brady Daine Brim-deForest of Bailvaird Castle, Baron of Balvaird TR1/1/P4 (2020-04-15)

ARMS: Per chevron Gules. and Argent, two acorns slipped and leaved Or, and in base a fleur-de-lis Azure. Crest: A demi-lion rampant Or, armed and langued Azure, holding in its paws a staff bendwise sinister Or, flotant therefrom a swallow-tailed pennon Azure, bearing a cross paty Argent. Wreath and Mantling: Gules and Argent. Motto: UN CRAN PLUS LOIN; Cri de Guerre: VIVE LE BARDE.

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Eileen Anne Connell TR1/1/P5 (11-04-2020)

ARMS: Per pale Argent and Purpure, a triquetra within a bordure engraled counterchanged; in chief dexter an Irish Claddagh wedding band Argent, sinister an open book debruised of a flame proper. Crest: A statuette of an Egyptian Bastet cat sejant upon a block, Azure and Sable, pendant from a chain around its neck an ankh Or. Wreath and Mantling: Purpure and Argent. Motto: GRÁ SIORAI War Cry: CIALL AGUS NEART

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Basil Jordan TR1/1/P6 (11-04-2020)

ARMS: Per pale Or and Sable, a chevron and in base a mullet, counterchanged, in chief sinister a chaos symbol of the first and dexter an Irish Claddagh wedding band Argent; the chevron charged dexter with a rolling pin Argent and sinister with a whisk Sable; a bordure compony Sable and Or. Wreath and Mantling: Sable and Or. Motto: GRÁ SIORAI War Cry: CIALL AGUS NEART

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H.R.H. Don Paolo Di Giovine, Prince of Roccaromana, Prince of Gelib, Duke of Salbertrand TR1/1/P8 (2020-08-01) [Amended 2022-08-26]

ARMS: Azure, a tree eradicated proper, charged with a Occitan Cross in umbra Vert, supported by two lions rampant respectant Or; the shield is ensigned of a Prince's crown proper. ROBE: Gules, turned Ermine, fringed and tassled Or, ensigned of a coronet consisting of a circlet Or, embellished with precious stones proper, heightened of five strawberry leaves Or, pearled Argent, issuant therefrom five arches Or, pearled Argent, thereupon an orb Azure, banded Or, ensigned of a Latin cross Or. MOTTO: DICEM ET IMPERAM

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Baron Dr. Diego Pantaleone Francesco Spanò dei Tre Mulini, Marquis of Mazzacuva TR1/1/P8B (2020-00-03)

HERALDIC BANNER: Quarterly, 1 & 4: Azure, statant upon a trimount Vert, a lion rampant, ensigned of a marquess coronet Or; 2 & 3: Azure, a palm tree eradicated Or, ensigned of a crescent Argent, between dexter three mill-wheels placed two and one Argent and sinister, supporting the tree, a lion rampant Or, fringed compony Azure and Or.