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The Tressure Roll  (TR1/3/C1- 04-03-2020)

ARMS: Azure, a tressure Or; a bordure Vert.  BATONS: behind the shield is placed two batons in saltire Vert, the ends Or, each ensigned of an armillary sphere Argent and Or.

Marcel van Rossum.jpg

Marcel Christian van Rossum OMBB MStJ TR1/1/P1 (04-03-2020) ARMS: Or, between three parrots Gules, placed two and one, a griffin rampant proper; on a bordure Sable, eight bezants in orlé. CREST: In front of a fleur-de-lis Vert, a fire-horse in full career Sable, collared Or,

embellished with emeralds proper, with chain flexed to sinister Or. WREATH AND MANTLING: Sable and Or.



Ronald Norman Schlemmer TR1/1/P2 (21-03-2020) ARMS: Or, an eagle displayed Sable, beaked, langued and membered Gules, the talons Argent; on a chief dovetailed Azure, a horned Viking helmet, Argent.

CREST: Two blue marlins embowed respectant, their swords in point, proper. WREATH AND MANTLING: Azure and Or.  MOTTO: LOVE CONQUERS ALL

Deon Fourie.jpg

Deon François Schönland Fourie SD SM* MMM JCD* KStJ TR1/1/P3 (23-03-2020)

ARMS: Azure, a chevron, in chief two fleurs-de-lis and, surmounting the chevron, a sword erect, Argent. CREST: A dolphin erect Azure, finned Argent.



The John Watt (1848-1934) Family Association TR1/2/A1 (25-03-2020)

ARMS: Or, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Azure, bearing in its paws a protea flower Gules, seeded Argent, slipped and leaved Vert; a chief Gules.


The Bloxham-Simms Family Association TRA1/2/A2 (27-03-2020)

ARMS: Argent, a church-serpent proper, between two shuttles, palewise in fess Sable, threaded and a chief Vert.


Brady Daine Brim-deForest of Bailvaird Castle, Baron of Balvaird TR1/1/P4 (2020-04-15)

ARMS: Per chevron Gules. and Argent, two acorns slipped and leaved Or, and in base a fleur-de-lis Azure. Crest: A demi-lion rampant Or, armed and langued Azure, holding in its paws a staff bendwise sinister Or, flotant therefrom a swallow-tailed pennon Azure, bearing a cross paty Argent. Wreath and Mantling: Gules and Argent. Motto: UN CRAN PLUS LOIN;  Cri de Guerre: VIVE LE BARDE.


Eileen Anne Connell TR1/1/P5 (11-04-2020)

ARMS: Per pale Argent and Purpure, a triquetra within a bordure engraled counterchanged; in chief dexter an Irish Claddagh wedding band Argent, sinister an open book  debruised of a flame proper. Crest: A statuette of an Egyptian Bastet cat sejant upon a block, Azure and Sable, pendant from a chain around its neck an ankh Or. Wreath and Mantling: Purpure and  Argent. Motto: GRÁ SIORAI War Cry: CIALL AGUS NEART


Basil Jordan TR1/1/P6 (11-04-2020)

ARMS: Per pale Or and Sable, a chevron and in base a mullet, counterchanged, in chief  sinister a chaos symbol of the first and dexter an Irish Claddagh wedding band Argent; the chevron charged dexter with a rolling pin Argent and sinister with a whisk Sable; a bordure compony Sable and Or. Wreath and Mantling: Sable and Or. Motto: GRÁ SIORAI War Cry: CIALL AGUS NEART


H.R.H. Don Paolo Di Giovine d' Amato of Paleologo, Prince of Zante and Itaca, Duke of Salbertrand TR1/1/P8 (2020-08-01) 

Arms: Azure, a tree eradicated proper, supported by two lions rampant respectant Or; the shield is ensigned of an open visored helm Argent lined Gules and embellished Or, thereupon a Prince’s crown proper. Robe: Gules, turned Ermine, fringed and tassled Or, ensigned of a coronet consisting of a circlet Or, embellished with precious stones proper, heightened of five strawberry leaves Or, pearled Argent, issuant therefrom five arches Or, pearled Argent, thereupon an orb Azure and Argent issuant therefrom a Latin cross Or. Motto: DICEM ET IMPERAM


Baron Dr. Diego Pantaleone Francesco Spanò dei Tre Mulini,  Marquis of  Mazzacuva TR1/1/P8B (2020-00-03)

HERALDIC BANNER: Quarterly, 1 & 4: Azure, statant upon a trimount Vert, a lion rampant, ensigned of  a marquess coronet Or; 2 & 3: Azure, a palm tree eradicated Or, ensigned of a crescent Argent, between dexter three mill-wheels placed two and one Argent and sinister, supporting the tree, a lion rampant Or, fringed compony Azure and Or.


The Gray Family Association (Australia) TR1/2/A3 (2020-08-28)

VERTICAL BANNER: Per pall, Argent, Azure and Sable, at fess point a mullet of seven points Or. The banner’s lower horizontal edge fringed Or.


The International Society of Commoners Heraldry TR1/2/A4 (2020-09-06)

ARMS: Gyronny of ten Or and Sable, a mullet counterchanged. Crest: In front of two goose feathers in Saltire Or, a chess Pawn Sable. Wreath and Mantling: Sable and Or. Motto: ERIMUS


Alessandro Ambrosini TR1/1/P9 (2020-09-21)

ARMS: Azure, a tree eradicated proper; on a chief Or, five semi-flights Sable.


Lido Lambruschi TR1/1/P11 (2020-10-01)

ARMS:  Per fess Or and Azure, in chief three Greek crosses Sable, and in base a fleur-de-lis Argent.


Baron Dr Diego Pantaleone Spanò dei Tre Mulini, Marquis of the Mazzacuva of Montebello Jonico TR1/1/P8 (2020-09-03)

ARMS: Quarterly, 1 & 4: Azure, statant upon a trimount Vert, a lion rampant, ensigned of  a marquess coronet Or; 2 & 3: Azure, a palm tree eradicated Or, ensigned of a crescent Argent, between dexter three mill-wheels placed two and one Argent and sinister, supporting the tree, a lion rampant Or. MANTLING: Azure and Or. MOTTOES: DEO GRATIAS and MONS BELLI NOBILITAS


Peter Ferdinand Gummersbach TR1/1/P12 (2020-10-15)

ARMS: Per Pale, Azure, and sinister Or  a fess Gules;  dexter an eagle displayed Or, charged on the breast with a Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom  Royal  Drum;  sinister,  in    pale between  two  fleurs-de-lis Azure  a  rose  Argent, seeded Or. Crest: Issuant from an Omujwaara  Kondo and  Omukungu  of Bonyoro-Kitara  coronet proper a demi-lion  Sable, armed  and langued Gules. Wreath and Mantling: dexter-Gules and Or, sinister-Azure and Or. Pendant below the shield the chain and medal of a Grand Chancellor of the Royal Order of the Kingdom of Omujwaara Kondo.

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